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Custom Lighting Rentals

Light design is a major component when trying to set the proper mood for a performance.  A properly designed lighting arrangement will assist in captivating your audience pulling their senses into the show and evokes an emotional response that will stick with them.  Taylor Audio Visual employs a team of highly trained light designers to help you build the proper mood and effect you are looking to get from your performance.

Stage Lighting Equipment Rental

When planning a play, corporate training, charity dinner, professional concert, or any event that might require a stage, you’re going to want a professional stage lighting equipment rental.  The entire focus of your event gravitates completely in the direction of the stage.  You’re going to need a professional stage lighting set up.  Don’t be left in the dark!

Outdoor Event Lighting Rental

Planning a successful event is challenging enough without taking into account that your event is being held outside! Are you planning an outdoor reception or seasonal event? Taylor Audio Visual has a wide selection of outdoor lighting options perfect for your needs.  Whether you are looking for Uplighting, Spot Lighting, String Lighting, Ambient Mood Lighting, an Event Lighting Rental or Interactive Laser Lighting, Taylor AV can provide!

Party Lighting Rental

Be sure to check out our samples for some of our more “fun” and unique party lighting rental options.  Giving your patrons the time of their lives has much more to do with the visceral experience you can give them and very few elements do that more than having a professionally lit party experience.  Moving lights, lasers, and uplighting keep your party goers at the party and they will remember your event for years to come!

Uplighting for Weddings

Maybe your reception is a little more reserved that full-blown concert event lighting.  The best way to transform a regular room into an all-night party to celebrate your special day is to provide professionally designed and placed uplighting.  Our customizable uplight can provide you with solid colors custom to your wedding colors, or we can set them to slowly fade changing the mood on random, or if you prefer, when it’s time for dancing, they can be set to follow the beat of the music.  However you want the uplighting for your wedding, you can rely on us to deliver for you!