When Do I Need A Sound System?

You need a sound system anytime there are more than 10 people and you want everyone to be able to hear the speaker clearly. Examples of small sound systems include: corporate luncheons, family reunions, parties, small awards presentations and business meetings.  Larger sound systems may be needed for events over 100 people. Contact us with the details of your event and Taylor AV can provide you with the right system for the job.

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Sound System Rental

Sound System Rental Salt Lake City

When you’re thinking about planning a gathering there is a lot to consider.  Location, catering, and entertainment are all important aspects of any gathering.  Taylor Audio Visual may not be able to help you with the catering and location one thing we are exceptional at is Sound System Rental.

Whether you are planning a backyard family gathering or you are the promoter of a large concert for thousands, our team of trained sound professionals have the system that will fit your requirements.

Occasions we have provided a sound system rental:

Indoor/Outdoor Weddings
Corporate Meetings/Corporate Parties
Sundance Film Festival Private Lounges
Conference Main Events/Break Out Rooms
Theatrical Productions
Walks & Runs for Charity
Much more

Sound System Rental For a Party

Nothing kills a party more than having entertainment that you can’t hear.  You may have the absolute best location and the best food in the country but without solid entertainment, you may have a dead event.  Years down the road no-one will remember the veggie tray.

When you call Taylor Audio Visual we’ll get the specifications for your event and give you the best possible options to choose from.  Taylor AV is well equipped to provide you with everything your even requires from a simple unmanned PA Sound System Rental to a fully stocked DJ station ready to give your guests the evening of a lifetime!

Please check out our sound gallery to the left for some examples of our different sound options!

Don’t settle for subpar service! We’re located in Sandy Utah but we’re able to deliver our quality services to all cities from Ogden to Spanish Fork.  Do you have an even further?  Contact us for custom quotes on renting sound equipment for concerts!